At Marriott Design we strive to provide the highest quality home for the least cost. By that we are not talking about the lowest fees. We believe that true value comes as a result of careful and precise design and details to create elements that can be done economically and concisely in the field. We also believe that designing a home is a marriage of technical know­how and art. Every home starts with the artisan touch of hand drawn plans. This means that the details that make your home uniquely yours, are limited only by the Architect’s and your imagination, and not just plugged in from the menu of a computer. The final schematics are then finished in CAD (computer­aided design) to provide the most accurate and clear plans.


    We start with conceptual conversations. This is where we sit down and discuss what you want in a home. You are encouraged to bring pictures, drawings, and ideas. We will go over each element and help you decide which details to include in your home.

    From there we develop design schematics. Based on our conversations, a set of drawings are hand created incorporating the details we discussed. Then the drawings are transferred into a computer-aided design. It’s with this set of plans that we make changes that culminate in the best design for you.

    The third step in the process is 3D modelling and tours. With the advantage of computer­aided design, we can create a three dimensional representation of your home to make sure that you have the best possible understanding of the space and details, inside and out. This gives you a final opportunity to change the design to better fit your needs and desires.

    Finally we provide you with precise and accurate CAD generated drawings. This provides the trades in the field with the clear details in which to bring your home from paper to reality.

    We can also provide you with construction services. As an experienced builder, we can be the ones to make your home a reality. By choosing us as your builder, we are in the best position to make sure the details that you put so much thought into, come to fruition as designed.